We love Helicopters


The unique combination of helicopter- and mountain guiding experience

Starting off as a guiding- and heliskiing company in 2005, Mountainflight has been on the scene for over 10 years. Thanks to the unique combination of mountainguiding- and piloting experience, we can offer the best experience in many different fields. We have always been careful in selecting our partners, with whom we aim for a long- lasting relationship based on the highest safety standards, high quality services and mutual respect. Our wide professional experience is of great value for our customers. Our trainee pilots benefit from the very international character of our training programs, gaining valuable experience during international flights over Europe for their future careers. We will only let our students take a skill test when we are convinced that he or she will be a dedicated professional in the field. Passengers on our scenic flights get to see those places that we have loved to see since we started our operations. Our heliskiing customers greatly benefit from the pilot's and mountain guides' experience in finding the best runs, with extensive local knowledge of the snow conditions. The professionals involved in our operations work together to meet our two great priorities, the highest safety standards and customer satisfaction!