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Our aircraft all over Europe

To offer our trainee pilots the best training program, we have several different types and models of aircraft divided over our different bases. In general, the Private Pilot License will be instructed on one of our small piston- engined helicopters: The Robinson R22 or the Schweizer S300 model. These aircraft are perfectly suitable for training purposes, and are more economic to fly. The confined and CPL training we use our R22, S300 and the bigger R44 model. For our mountain training we use our R44 or the turbine powered R66 model, due the the higher performance on high altitudes. For heliskiing and advanced (type rating) training we use the Eurocopter AS350 and BO-105 model.

Schweizer S300 CBI

Orginally designed as a trainer for vietnam helicopter pilots, the S300 offers great flying charactaristics for pilot training. It is easy to handle and has manual throttle control, adding valuable extra skills when training on this machine. It can fit pilot + 2 passengers.

Locations: Lelystad and Maastricht

Robinson R44

The R44 is the most poular helicopter worldwide. It is relatively fast, agile and takes good pilot skills to fly it well. Once you master the machine, it is a great helicopter to fly! Due to its economy and power we use the R44 for mountain training. It fits pilot + 3 passengers.

Locations: Lelystad, Maastricht and Kebnekaise

Bölkow BO-105

Originally designed by the Germans as an anti- tank helicopter during the cold war, the BO105 is world famous due to its extreme manoeuvrability and power. We offer the multi engine typerating and instrument rating in this great machine. It can fit Pilot + 4 passengers.

Locations: Lelystad and Maastricht

Eurocopter AS350 B2-3

The world famous AS350 series is probably the most versatile helicopter ever build. The turbine engine provides lots of power and the strong construction makes it an ideal machine for our heliskiing operations. This helicopter fits pilot + 5 passengers.

Locations: Bern-Belp and Kebnekaise 

Robinson R22

The R22 is a very popular small training helicopter. It is economic, very agile and not easy to fly. 'If you can control the R22, you can control any helicopter' many instructors will tell you. Once you got the feel for this machine it is great to fly! It can fit Pilot + 1 passenger.

Locations: Bern-Belp


For aviation safety, maintainance is of vital importance. All our aircraft are maintained by higly professional technicians. They apply the strictest maintainance schedules, to make sure that you will get the best, smoothest and safest flights.

Locations: Bern-Belp, Lelystad, Arjeplog (Sweden), Teuge Airport, Genk (Belgium)

Robinson R66

The R66 is Robinson's newest model. It looks similar to the R44 model, however it has a lighter and more powerful turbine engine fitted. This gives greater power margins and the cabin is larger. It has shown great power on high altitudes, it fits pilot + 4 passengers.

Locations: Bern- Belp