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Various locations to provide high quality training

With our network of bases located across Europe, we can select the best training areas for our courses. We use the busy airspace in the Netherlands and the surrounding areas in Germany and Belgium for our PPL and CPL courses. This way our trainee pilots get used to Air Traffic Control and will have to learn to be effective and clear on the busy radio frequencies. For our confined area courses we operate from our Maastricht base, flying across the Belgium border in just a few minutes to use the great possibilities for this training. Another option is to do the confined area training from our base in Switzerland, offering a different and new experience of flying in Switzerland. For our mountain courses we selected Switzerland and the very northern part of Sweden, both offering the best mountain training areas of Europe. Our ability to operate in many different countries gives us the unique advantage of using the best out of each base, to provide our trainee pilots the best courses to become skilled professionals! 

Lelystad Airport, the Netherlands

Lelystad airport provides one of our two bases in the Netherlands. We operate here in close collaboration with RotorandWings, a succesful and higly professional flightschool both for airplanes and helicopters. We use the good training facilities, classrooms and helicopters here for parts of our modular- and integrated PPL and CPL courses.

Maastricht International Airport, the Netherlands

Our newest base in the Netherlands is located near Maastricht, bordering German and Belgium airspace in just a few minutes' flight. Our professional partner RotorandWings offers great training facilities, with a big hangar, classroom and a private field to do low level exercises. We do parts of our PPL and CPL education from here, and over the border we fly for our confined area courses. 

Bern Belp Airport, Switzerland

From Bern-Belp International Airport we organize mountain- and confined area courses in close collaboration with our partner The airport is ideally located only 12 minutes flight from the high alpine area of Bernese Oberland, and has all services needed. Air Traffic Control, Fuel, Places to stay and highly professional training.

Kebnekaise area, Swedish Lappland

In the very north of Sweden, far above the polar circle, we operate in the Sweden's highest mountain area of Kebnekaise. From our base in Riksgransen we offer our challenging mountain flying courses, heliskiing and mountain wilderness course. To fly helicopters in this remote mountain area is an amazing experience.


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