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Integrated flight training

An intensive course to the ATPL-H Licence

Under European legislation it is possible to do a faster, more intensive course to gain the CPL-H (actually: frozen ATPL-H IR License) including the Instrument Rating. This course is called the intergrated ATPL-H course. One of the greatest advantages is that a trainee does not need to first pass the Private Pilot's License theory and practical exams, but start off with the 14 CPL (ATPL-H IR) theory subjects right away. In 185 total flight hours you will be trained to the high standards of the commercial license, with Insrument Rating. This makes the integrated course a more economic, but more intensive and challenging way of obtaining the commercial License.

The trainee pilot will need to adhere to our training schedule, and live at or near the base for longer periods of time for studying and flying. The integrated course is ideal for trainees who know they want to fly helicopters for their job, and who just want to get on with it! The training takes, depending on the progress of the trainee, 12-18 moths.