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Modular flight training

become a dedicated professional pilot following your own schedule

Our modular helicopter pilot education scheme is the classic and proven way to become a skilled pilot. The first part, Private Pilot License Helicopter (PPL-H), will take around 50 flight hours and 9 subjects of theory. Usually, the course can be done in 6-12 months. The holder of a PPL-H is entitled to act as pilot in command of a helicopter, but not for commercial purposes. This means that you can fly alone or with friends and family all over Europe. However, to be able to make helicopter flight your profession, you will need to take the Commercial Pilot License Helicopter (CPL-H) Course. By international law, a trainee pilot can only start this course when he or she has reached a total of 150 flying hours. This leaves around 100 hours of 'hour building' between the PPL-H and CPL-H courses.

Our experience has shown that this hour building period is a vital phase in a pilot's development. This time should be used to gain valuable skills for your future career. Thanks to our international profile, we can offer our trainee pilots attractive hour building packages with our unique 'coaching instructor' concept. You will fly most hours alone or with friends. However, your private coach will guide you through these hours, offering valuable courses and coaching for long international flights between our bases. Your skill level and your CV will stand out from the rest after 100 hours of versatile and valuable experience, including training certificates for confined area landings and mountain training!

The last 35 hours will be high- end quality training from our bases in the Netherlands or in Switzerland. Five hours of night flying are included, we will transform you into a dedicated, safe and highly professional pilot!

PPL-H modular

From our bases in the Netherlands we offer the training for the Private Pilot's License. The course takes 6-12 months, depending on how much time you have to invest in the education. Our aim is to deliver skilled private pilots with great practical and theoretical knowlegde, including international flying experience!

CPL-H modular

We will get your flying skills to a professional level during our commercial license course. After this course you will be a fully licenced pilot. The training is challenging and often difficult, as we want to make sure that you will be a skilled and professional pilot for your furure career!

theory courses

For both the private pilot license, as well as the commercial license we offer high quality theory courses in the Netherlands. Also distance learning courses are available. Our skilled theory instructors will guide you through the challenging and interesting theory studies for PPL-H, CPL-H or ATPL-H IR. 

hour building packages

For trainee pilots who need more flight hours, we can offer hour building packages on the R22, R44 and the Schweizer 300. We can include the typerating on an aircraft in the package for free and our unique 'coaching instructor' concept will improve your skill level every hour you fly!