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A unique combination of mountain piloting- and wilderness training

For most helicopter pilots, mountain flying is a dream coming true. However the beautiful landscapes and great flying have a downside also: the weather can be very treacherous, unexpected winds can surprise even the best pilots and make a flight suddenly very hazardous. On top of this, the performance of a helicopter is decreased due to the lower air density at altitude. To fly in the mountains without proper training and knowledge is a dangerous undertaking, mountain areas worldwide have seen many accidents, often due to ill- educated pilots. Also for pilots who do not intend to fly in the mountains, this course is very valuable and will take your flying and handling skills to the next level!

As the only training institution in Europe, we include mountain rescue- and wilderness survival training in all of our mountain courses. What will you do if the unexpected happens and you have to crash land the helicopter in a remote area, without any resources around? Using our vast experience in mountain guiding, our guides will train you to keep yourself and your passengers safe and alive whilst awaiting professional rescue. These are very important skills for every pilot operating in mountainous or remote areas: your captaincy and responsibility do not stop after a crash landing! During the course we do actually simulate such emergencies, so be prepared to spend some nights outside!


Swedish Lappland

mountain course in Switzerland

There are two countries in the world where pilots can obtain an official mountain license; Switzerland and Canada. These are very challenging courses, involving substantial theory and a minimum of 200 high- altitude landings. The focus is on flying tactics, decreased performance and to understand the treacherous mountain weather. We operate our Swiss course from our base at Bern- Belp International Airport, bordering some of Europe's most dramatic mountain areas with great possibilities for mountain training! 

The course is challenging, and takes around 25 hours flying time, 200 high altitude landings and 4 days of theory course. After passing the exam with a Swiss examiner, you will be rewarded with an official Swiss Mountain Rating. This rating allows you to land and takeoff from the Swiss mountain landing zones.

mountain course in Sweden

Parallel to our mountain course in Switzerland, we have developed a second mountain course in the very north of Sweden. The mountains are remote, beautiful and just as challenging as the Swiss Alps due to the polar weather systems moving in and out and the difficult navigation in the area. We use our extensive experience during the course to offer you all the training needed to safely navigate, fly and perform challenging landings in mountainous terrain. At the end of the course you will fly the skill test with our local expert. The course takes approximately 2 weeks in the far north, and a full week of theory before we head there. We will fly 25 hours on our R44 helicopter.

Sweden does not know an official mountain license. However, we provide you with a mountain training certificate. This is a great addition to your flying CV and a necessity to operate helicopters safely in a mountain environment!