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Dedication to Safety

Our operations take place in a high- risk environment. Therefore, safety is our number one priority. We will always try to achieve higher safety standards. We prepare ourselves for the worst possible scenario's, in case an incident or accident were to happen. We implemented many rules and procedures in our company, to minimise the exposure to the risks in our fields of operation. To show you our dedication to safe operations, below you will find some examples of our continuous investment in your and our safety.


Training is a very important tool in safety management. All our guides, tailguides and pilots have been through an extensive training programme to improve your safety. However, we go one step further and provide recurrency training for all our people on a yearly basis. We make sure that our team is prepared for the unexpected.


We provide our customers with the best and most modern safety equipment available. For example, our avalanche tranceivers are high end digital devices and we provide every skier with an avalanche airbag system (ABS). These and many more items greatly enhance your safety in the unlikely event of an avalanche.

Official Guides

All our heliskiing- and mountain  guides are seasoned professionals, with an internationally recognized certification (UIAGM). They have been trained extensively for many years and have been examined by the authorities. They know our skiing areas by heart and will always try to achieve the highest safety standards.


SMS stands for Safety Management System. In our company we try to actively identify all factors or situations, that could possibly be a safety hazard. The form below is part of this system. An important element is our 'speaking up culture'. By implementing procedures and quality control we aim to eliminate  threats to safety as much as possible. 

Help us improve our safety standards

To be able to identify any situation, occurence or incident that could possibly jeopardize safety, we encourage everybody who has been involved in our operations to report possible safety hazards. If you have seen or heard anything concerning our flight or heliskiing operations, that could have been a threat to  your or other people's safety you can use the form on this site. This will help us to improve our safety standards in the future even further. You can choose to remain anounimous, by simply not filling in your email adress. Each report is strictly confidential and will be thorougly investigated. If needed countermeasures will be taken.

Safety report