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Your safety is our number one priority

Aviation is the safest way of transportation. However, a small mistake can have great consequences. Therefore, we provide continuous training to our pilots. To avoid accidents and also how to act if an accident or incident occurs. Our pilots are trained in all helicopter emergency manoeuvers, HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) and wilderness survival, if they are flying over water or remote areas. Our helicopters are always equipped with emergency locator beacons and equipment needed to survive in case of a precautionary or emergency landing. We encourage all our pilots to speak openly about possible unsafe situations or threats, so we can do all we can to eliminate them. Your safety is our number one priority.

Help us improve our safety standards

To be able to identify any situation, occurence or incident that could possibly jeopardize safety, we encourage everybody who has been involved in our operations to report possible safety hazards. If you have seen or heard anything concerning our flight operations, that could have been a threat to  your or other people's safety you can use the form on this site. This will help us to improve our safety standards in the future even further. You can choose to remain anounimous, simply by not filling in your email adress. Each report is confidential and will be thorougly investigated. If needed countermeasures will be taken.

Safety report